Monday, May 19, 2008

Katrina Rescue Film to Premiere on Anniversary of Hurricane

Left Behind Without a Choice, a film by Kim Walsh, reveals the untold story of animal rescue in the wake of our nation's largest natural disaster. The story is told through the eyes, ears and hearts of volunteers working to save animals' lives in the midst of the crisis.

On August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina turned the golf coast region into a sea of loss and despair. Animals desperately searched and pleaded for help as they were left behind with no choice but to endure a hurricane, floods and a fight to survive the streets on their own. The physical and emotional conditions of these animals are revealed in this ground-breaking, feature-length documentary that is told from the perspective of volunteers working with Animal Ark and Best Friends Animal Society.This is the Katrina rescue story that has yet to be told.

The world premiere of the film will be a red-carpet event, featuring guest appearances by the filmmaker, Katrina volunteers, animal Katrina survivors and surprise celebrities.It will be both a time to pay tribute to the victims of Katrina, and to celebrate the power of compassion, that resulted in unprecedented action to save the animals that were left behind.

The film also serves as a reminder that rescue efforts are ongoing three years later. In the words of Sherry Woodard from Best Friends Animal Society, "The entire country shouldn't forget. It isn't better. It isn't done. It was big."

Reserve your tickets by visiting the trailer

World Premiere

August 29, 2008 - 7 PM

Carmike Cinemas, Oakdale

201188 Helmo Ave. N.

Oakdale, Minnesota 55128

More details coming soon!
In the meanwhile, mark your calendar for August 29, the anniversary of Katrina, and reserve your tickets.

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