Friday, April 13, 2012

Orphaned Doxie & Poodle pals need home

A Vietnam vet who lived alone with his two small dogs died. No one even noticed he had died for at least a week when the mail started accumulating. Animal Control was called to pick up the dogs. With no family and no where else for the dogs to go, they were taken to the local shelter that is trying to rehome them together. The dogs were microchipped so we got some information from that.

BEARThe gray poodle's name is Bear and he is estimated to be 10-12 years old. He was matted and smelly, so the shelter took him to a groomer where he was shaved and bathed. Bear is outgoing and likes to explore the fenced back yard. His back legs are stiff which could be from the matting or his age, but he gets around just fine.

PEANUTThe red dachshund is a purebred female, tattoo in ear. She has a very long registered name, but the owner called her Peanut. She will turn 10 in June. She is very active and a little busybody, can't stay in one place for too long, unless of course it's for a back scratching.

The shelter has vaccinated them with DA2PPV, nasal bordetella and Strongit dewormer

Do you know of anyone that could give these two seniors a home? Please contact Carla at

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dutch arrives in his retirement home!

Just a note to say how well our old man Dutch has adjusted to his new home!

He strolls--that is the word--around the property, pees on scent posts, says hello to dogs, and then seeks out the human component.

DUTCH & NEW FRIENDWhen he wants inside he is clear--he huffs and clicks at the window until he is noticed. He found several comforters that he has claimed, knows where the waterers are, and acts like he has been there forever.

He is at work with me today, same deal..Just strolled around the compound, didn't care about the wolves or cougars, and is now in my office shoving his nose under my arm while I type this so that I pet him.

He is one of those "teflon" dogs, the type that other dogs simply do not get upset about---it makes life easier on all of us! He rides like a champ in the car on the way to work--we love him!!

Thanks again for sending this little light into our lives!


I am so happy to share this update on Dutch. He was transported from Davenport, Iowa, to Hinckley, Minnesota, on Saturday, March 31. Thanks to everyone who contributed in any way toward making this happen!

Dutch now lives with a family at a small home-based sanctuary called Home at Last -- "A forever-home for abused, abandoned and neglected animals" ( His new mom, Peggy, works at the Wildlife Science Center -- "Inspiring Relationships with the Wild" (

I got a positive referral on Peggy from someone in animal rescue that I trust and requested more information from Peggy before deciding this was a good placement for Dutch. Carla in Iowa took care of vet visits for Dutch before transport so he was updated on his shots and started a new medication for a stubborn ear infection.

Peggy sent this response to my questions: "Dutch will indeed be indoors as much as he chooses, and at my home where the dogs live with me we also have a building that is heated and cooled so if we leave him for a short while he will never have to be out longer than he wants. All of our dogs live with us in a family setting, and we have other old dogs, lots of comforters and mattresses for old bones, and some of them come to work with me, if they are up for it."

I'm so happy for Dutch!

Please remember the adult and senior animals when you are looking to adopt!! It sickens me how many healthy socialized pets are euthanized simply because they are not as desirable as the young.

And, spay/neuter your pets to avoid overpopulation, in the first place. We can only hope to make a difference in the problem if we get ahead of it.