Monday, July 21, 2008

Film at Mall of America tonight!

This fall, Hollywood is releasing a major feature film titled "All Roads Lead to Home". A private screening of this film is scheduled to be shown at the AMC Theater at the Mall of America on Monday the 21st at 6:00 PM.

My name is Dennis Fallon, of Waldo West Productions a major motion picture
company. I am writing you on behalf of our movie "All Roads Lead Home"
( to be released in Minneapolis, MN, Phoenix
and Tucson, AZ and Kansas City, MO in late September. We are currently
working with several No Kill Shelters in Kansas City, MO, including, No
Homeless Pet's KC, Animal Haven, Kansas City Area Humane Society, just to
name a few.

I wanted to contact your organization about the possibilities this movie
brings to your cause. We would love to work with you on promotions for the
movie and getting your cause to the public. Not very often do you have a
wonderful family film that has a cause of NO-KILL related issues.
"All Roads Lead Home" is a great story, about believing all things deserve
a chance no matter what. A great quote from the movie "All she sees, in
all living the potential. Why would anyone want her to see it
any other way".

This movie is a wonderful family film and a must see for
animal lovers. "All Roads Lead Home" is Peter Boyle's last film.
We recently worked with Safe Harbor Animal Shelter, Tri-County Humane
Society in the Palm Beach, FL area on a cross promotion with our movie in
The Palm Beach International Film Festival. They loved the film and are
excited about the message the movie brings to your cause of NO-Kill. Here
is a Channel 25 ABC story -

Below is the link to our website where you can view the trailer, and a
review from Entertainment Magazine online.
Link to the trailer and website:

Please see attached article from Entertainment Magazine:

In the style of "Because of Winn Dixie" , "Flicka" and "Dreamer" , ALL
ROADS LEAD HOME stars Vivien Cardone (Everwood. Beautiful Mind), Peter
Coyote (A Walk to Remember, Erin Brockovich), Jason London (A Man in the
Moon, Dazed and Confused), Vanessa Branch (Pirates of the Carribean A
World's end, Suburban Girl), Patton Oswalt (Ratatoulille, Reno 911) and
Peter Boyle's last movie (Young Frankenstein, Everybody Loves Raymond).

Short Synopsis:
12 year old Belle (Vivien Cardone) loses her mother in an automobile
accident. Her father Cody (Jason London) struggles to raise his daughter.
Her rebellious behavior forces Cody to send Belle to her grandfather
(Peter Coyote) farm to live with him. Belle learns that on a farm, it is
the survival of the fittest, but she cannot handle the thought of an
animal (or any life for that matter) not being worth saving unless it's
useful. Is she useful? Belle soon becomes the savior of all living
things. An old thoroughbred race horse and Atticus the dog change
Belle's life, and in turn Belle changes the lives of those who love

Like the films title, various sub-plots all lead back to a single
conclusion, and nature has a way of providing the direction.A single truth
about family, love, precious life and the detours along the way that can
and do lead us to a better place, eventually leading us back home.

Dennis Fallon
phone 816.309.7679
Fax 816-746-1744

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