Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Young Tiger Cub Being Exploited at Corn Maze.

The October issue of The Wildcat Sanctuary Newletter:

What could be wrong with a cute little, local petting zoo? Isn’t that what Fall and Family Fun and Severs Corn Maze are all about? How could taking my child to enjoy getting up close and personal with these adorable animals make a difference in the scheme of things?

If you take a closer look and read more about the exhibits and exhibitors, there is so much that the general public doesn’t know. The animals that you have the opportunity to see spend thousands of hours and miles on the road being transported from venue to venue all year long. You are not their first stop and you certainly won’t be their last. That little pen you see them lying in at the fair might be the largest habitat they’ll ever see.

And what about the exhibitors who portray themselves as animal lovers who just want to share the joy of animals with you? These folks are businessmen and women whose livelihoods come from transporting these animals around the state and around the country, displaying them for profit. The animals are a product and displaying them is their profit center. When Minnesota voted to pass S.F. 1530 aimed at curbing the commercial trade in exotic animals, Kevin Vogel of Vogel Exotic Animal Shows fought against it vigorously saying “his family business travels extensively” with these animals. Is this something you want to promote with your attendance at Severs Corn Maze who has contracted Vogel Exotics? http://www.severscornmaze.com/index.php

And why do you see so many baby animals on display? Ask yourself and then ask them, where do they end up when they are fully grown? Will they continue to transport a fully grown 500 pound tiger? Doubtful…that tiger will end up sold off in the exotic animal industry where meeting the animals' needs is definitely secondary to profiting from them. Thankfully, Dateline, CNN, 60 Minutes, and so many other news organizations are beginning to shed light on the reality of what is behind these animal displays and the trade in exotics.

Please do the right thing and say “No” to animal abuse of this kind and please share this information to teach as many others as you possibly can. You can set a wonderful example by not attending exhibits like this one.

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