Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Humane" Society board meeting tomorrow--Thursday

From: Andrea Lee Lambrecht []
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 3:53 PM
Subject: Animal "Humane" Society Board meeting tomorrow-Thursday

Most of you are well informed about the St. Anthony cat situation. I just got off the phone after a very upsetting conversation with Deb Balser, HS public relations. When I inquired, she said every single cat had ringworm AND UR and FIV was present. I had many questions and she had no sane response. When I asked her if any rescue groups or individuals familiar with hoarding and rescue offered to take some of the cats, she said “No, not until after they were euthanized.” I was outraged. When I told her I didn’t believe all the cats were beyond help and that the HS did not appropriately consider options. She told me I was entitled to my opinion and hung up on me when I asked for her last name.

Please consider the following:

The 26 board members will be meeting tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 26 at noon) in Golden Valley. The next board meeting will not be held until April. The meeting is NOT open to the public.

However, people can call (763-522-4325) and register their outrage at how this situation was handled and the tragic result.

You may also e-mail your comments to board members to Megan Pelka (, who is the assistant to Janelle Dixon, CEO/President. I was told by Megan e-mails she receives that are directed to board members will be forwarded to those board members. Considering the meeting is less than 24 hours away, I asked if she would also print out a hard copy to distribute to the board members at the meeting tomorrow. She said that would be done.

In spite of my anger, I feel it is important to not only state my thoughts on the matter, but also to say a new protocol should be established regarding contacting rescue organizations and individuals when decisions are being made to destroy EVERY animal.

Also, be sure to state your experience with cats, animals, feline disorders/diseases, hoarding and rescue, so they know you are well informed on the issues. Otherwise, they may think you are clueless and doing a knee-jerk to the bad publicity.

Right now I am too mad to carry on, but I ask you to please flood the HS office phone & board member e-mails. This is especially important they hear from the public prior to the meeting.

Pass the word and carry on.

Andrea Lee Lambrecht

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