Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Animal Wise Radio receives award

Animal Ark's Animal Wise Radio Receives Henry Bergh Leadership Award

In recognition for their unwavering committement to helping animals, Animal Ark's Mike Fry and Beth Nelson received one of the top animal welfare achievements of the year. They were recognized as leaders in the no kill movement, and for giving a national voice to many others working to save animals. Mike and Beth were included with five others who were presented with this presigious award by the nations top animal advocacy agency, the No Kill Advocacy Center.

"It is with pride and humility that we stand side-by-side with our own heros as we recieve this award," said Fry.

Other recipients of the Henry Bergh Leadership Award included Bonney Brown, Executive Director of the Nevada Humane Society, Susanne Kogut, Executive Director of the Charlottesville SPCA, Ryan Clinton from FixAustin, Joan Shaffner, Director of the Animal Law Program at George Washington University Law School and Claire Davis, President of the Coalition for a No Kill King County.

About Henry Bergh
Henry Bergh was a 19th Century animal advocate who launched the humane movement in North America. He gave the first speach on animal protection in the U.S., founded the nation's first humane society, and succeeded in passing the nation's first anti-cruelty law. Every night, Bergh would patrol the streets of his native New York City looking for animals in need of protection. Upon his death, the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote of him:
Among the nobelest of the land; Though he may count himself the least; That man I honor and revere; Who, without favor, without fear; In the great city dares to stand; The friend of every friendless beast

Henry Bergh, we remember you with passion and light. It is in good company that Animal Ark and Animal Wise Radio stand this holiday season! Read More.

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