Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Owners are responsible for welfare of dogs

MY COMMENT: If you have a dog, you are responsible for its well-being. In fiercely cold weather like we have been having, like it or not, you need to supervise your dog's trips outside. Perhaps these two dogs need better homes.

Minnesota dogs survive bitter cold, returned to owners
Updated: 1/5/2010 2:33:17 PM

DULUTH, Minn. -- Two family pets who disappeared in the freezing Minnesota weather survived the elements and have been reunited with their grateful owners.

A Twin Cities couple, Kevin and Meegan Holubar, were visiting family in Duluth when they lost their bulldog, Ham, in a Christmas Eve blizzard. After an extensive search and 11 days, Ham showed up on the doorsteps of a Duluth resident, frostbitten, 30 pounds lighter, but alive.

CINNAMONAnd in Rochester, Rue and Rob Wiegand's dog, Cinnamon, wandered away Nov. 29. The Wiegands posted hundreds of fliers and took out newspaper ads, but were doubtful their 16-year-old pet would survive the freezing weather. Then they got a call Christmas night.

Cinnamon was found in a neighbor's window well, half-buried in mud and snow. The dog was taken to a local veterinary hospital and survived.

Information from: Duluth News Tribune

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somewhere MN said...

Maybe you should know the facts before you judge!! The Duluth dog was on a leash going potty in a snowstorm when it slipped away. The owner was hit by a car trying to catch him. The Rochester dog had lived with it's same owner for 16 years. It was trained to stay in their yard and did so successfully for previous 16 years. How did it live to be 16 to begin with when it's life expectancy is only 12-14 years? Does your family know what day you will get alzheimers?

Denise said...

I look at it this way, if a child wanders out of the house into the cold, is the child responsible or the parent??

I wonder how many pets wandered off and died; those stories don't make the news.

somewhere MN said...

If the child is 16 it knows better then it's the child's fault. If it's a senior person with Alzheimer's and their family didn't know it, then I guess it's easy to point blame. Would the owner's change that moment if they could, You betcha!

Again the Duluth dog was on a leash when it pulled away in a storm the owner got hit by a car trying to catch it.

These are stories of hope. Why not celebrate the miracle this is and the awareness that people consider a stray may be someone's pet and bring it to a shelter?

The reason dogs have so many friends is because they wag their tails and not their tongues.