Monday, February 14, 2011

Brooklyn Center animal shelter faces foreclosure

11:32 AM, Feb 14, 2011
BROOKLYN CENTER, Minn. -- Cats and dogs have called the Gentle Touch Animal Sanctuary home for many years. But come July those animals may have no place to call home.

Last month the shelter was notified that the mortgage on the building they've been leasing for eight years is in default. Suzanne Thompson, a volunteer with the shelter, says the news came as a surprise because they've always been current with rent.

"Our first concern was what would we do with our animals and where would be able to find a space for them," Thompson said.

The non-profit is scrambling to find a new home. They have until July 31 to relocate but one huge problem stands in the way: money. They need at least $10,000 to move. So far they've raised $3,000. If they don't get enough the animals that cannot be adopted will have no home.

"They deserve to have a life just like some of the more adoptable cats are. They have their own unique personalities," Thompson, said.

The organization does not have a new location picked out yet but Thompson said when they have enough money to start looking they want to remain close to their old home.
To see how you can help, visit their website here.

Written by
Boua Xiong

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