Thursday, March 27, 2008

Can't we just stop killing baby seals?

I got this note today:

Tragically, starting today, off the eastern coast of Canada, the annual slaughter of baby harp seals will turn a pristine, white winter landscape that serves as a nursery into a bright red, bloody sea of carnage. That's right, 275,000 thousand baby seals, some just weeks old, will be bludgeoned with hakapiks (wooden clubs with sharp metal hooks at the tip) or shot! Even worse, some will be skinned alive, with their mothers close by, bellowing in fear, anger, and frustration.

During the past three years, the Canadian government sanctioned their fishermen to kill approximately 1,000,000 baby seals. We must do all we can to finally stop this!


1) Click here to send a message to Canada's Minister of International Trade, David Emerson. Since the "hunt" is opposed by the overwhelming majority of people in Canada and around the world, Mr. Emerson must be convinced that the seal hunt damages Canada's economy and international reputation.

2) Click here to urge your two U.S. Senators to enact Resolution 118, which calls upon the Canadian government to end the brutal commercial seal hunt.

3) Click here to sign the pledge to boycott Canadian seafood. Note: even if you don't actually eat Canadian seafood, I encourage you to sign it.

As always, thank you for speaking up for those who can't,

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