Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jennie settles in

Jennie came to me with her one kitten Joker. They had been dropped off at the Feline Rescue shelter, but needed to come into foster care because Joker was too young to stay at the shelter.
Jennie was very beautiful and very shy. Joker was silly looking and not shy at all. He was the favorite of the little two-year-old girl living across the street. Joker quickly found a wonderful home, but Jennie was going to be much harder to place. Then a wonderful couple fell in love with her photo and story online. They came to my house to meet her and were not put off by her shyness. They took her home to their house with two elderly cat-loving dogs. These people have been so patient with Jennie and love her just the way she is. They are rewarded with all the progress she has made. Here is the latest update I received:
Most people just have a coffee pot or toaster on their counter, we have.......

Jennie and "her" pups.

The black and white springer, Maggie, was her favorite but, unfortunately, we had to have her put to sleep (at almost age 16) a short time ago. I think Jennie makes a good schnoot-warmer.

Jennie and our remaining springer, Mandy. Boy, do her whiskers show up in the pic!

NASCAR fans ? She was actually watching the car go around the track, her head was moving to follow the motion.

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