Monday, May 5, 2008

8th Annual Plant Sale: Cans for Sam Benefit

8th Annual Plant Sale
Cans for Sam Benefit
Saturday May 17, 2008 - 8 am - 2 pm
3608 - 38th Avenue
South Minneapolis

A note from Vickie:

Some of you have asked me to remind you when the "Cans for Sam Benefit 8th Annual Plant Sale" will be.

As you may or may not know, our good animal friends, Frank Forkins and Linda Featherstone, host this every year in memory of their dog, Sam. It started as collecting aluminum cans. Then they got into a yearly plant sale and the proceeds go into helping cats and some dogs and an occasional bunny here and there. Last year they helped 229 animals on their own.

I still say, "that Frank is the best (cat) live trapper I know...." Frank and Linda are both wonderful people. Always a great event and fun to meet others we know there and there is a great assortment of flowers and plants, You won't go home empty handed..

Bring those aluminum pop cans and cat food cans if you go to this or you can also drop them off anytime in their garage and if you can volunteer some time for this call Linda at 612-722-1886.


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Katie said...

I've gone to this the past two or three years. I'm hoping to go this year but I think we have an adoption that day so we'll see.