Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Poor Daisy

I am fostering a tiny kitten for the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley. She is only about four weeks old. She was healthy when she came to me, but her sibling had died at the shelter before finding a foster home.
Soon after Daisy arrived she came down with an upper respiratory infection. That's basically a cold with runny eyes and sneezing and congestion and a fever and the resulting loss of appetite and energy. A URI, while common, can quickly become deadly for a kitten. They dehydrate quickly and often need syringe feeding and antibiotics to treat the symptoms.
Daisy went to the vet yesterday and had a bad night last night, but is hanging in there today and seems to be feeling a little better. She is visiting at Auntie S's for a couple of days because she is home to check on her during the day.
Please send your best thoughts for Daisy's recovery!

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