Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stop importing animals in need; MN has plenty!

I feel terrible about dogs waiting for homes in other states, but I don't agree with going to the time and expense of tranporting them here, when we are euthanizing adoptable dogs and cats (by the hundreds!) right here in Minnesota. We need to get our own problems solved and then reach out.

AHS: Have you no shame?

25 Oklahoma dogs arrive in Minnesota looking for a second chance
Updated: 5/20/2009 2:16:05 PM

Twenty five adult dogs from Oklahoma arrived at the Animal Humane Society Wednesday morning looking for families that will give them a new home.

The dogs are part of an effort called "Save Our Strays" operated by a group in Oklahoma. These are healthy dogs that would have likely been euthanized due to a lack of space to house them.

Since April, more than 140 dogs have been transported from from Oklahoma by the "Save our Strays" rescue group. The dogs have a few days to get acclimated and be checked out by the AHS vet team. They will then be available for adoption at various Animal Humane Society locations.

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Opt To Adopt said...

Does not "Save A Stray" know about AHS and their HIGH kill rate. Secondly rescues are the only ones that should be pulling from out of state, for they don't have the nunmbers incoming as AHS does. And remember AHS DO NOT work with rescues in allowing them to pull animals. AHS would rather KILL them then allow rescues in Minnesota take them. Its a vicious circle filled with political bullshit from AHS!

Anonymous said...

This is about PR and Marketing, not animal rescue.

Anonymous said...

If either of you knew anything about AHS you would know they actually have a shortage of dogs at their facility. They frequently have cages with no dogs in them. They also are one of the few facilities that can handle large numbers of incoming dogs. I am baffled by this post, you are actually criticizing AHS for taking in dogs as parnter of a parntership with another animal welfare org. Minnesota or elsewhere - all dogs are important. How about instead of being part of the problem, you start being part of the solution. Bickering, gossiping, back talk, come on. We are not in junior high anymore. Let's try moving the right direction.

Denise said...

I agree that AHS generally has more than enough room for the dogs that it accepts, but that's because they euthanize so freely based on their standards for behavior. They should shift efforts into helping dogs who need it rather than killing them or make more room for cats for which no rescue has enough room. And, for the record, I have firsthand experiences with AHS. I know more than most. The adopters, donors and volunteers who all stay upstairs should spend some time downstairs...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that they are helping out animals in other states that need it. I'm also glad that they temperment test as well,because it gives me piece of mind that what I'm bringing home isn't the next potential Cujo.(And I know that dogs are animals, and situations could arise,but at least there's a foundation of friendly behavior) My dog came from there (a pitbull,mind you!) and he is fantastic!! Passed the CGC test, no less! I'd never own a dog that had any kind of aggression issues,because I wouldn't want to put the public or myself and family at risk of injury.
I agree with the person who said the bickering,back talk and gossip has got to stop!!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they meet a better end than the St. Anthony cats that were to have 2 weeks to be vetted and evaluted.