Thursday, June 4, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I made an unusual rescue last year. I was at AHS with some foster kittens and a couple came in with a mother cat and kittens they were going to turn in. I knew the mother cat, who was a very nice calico, would be at risk of euthanasia at AHS in prime kitten season, so I offered to take her on the spot before she got into the system. This cat had been living outdoors with no owner and I knew friends who were looking for an indoor/outdoor cat at their rural home and who would provide wonderful care. Here is an update.
Hi All,

We’re a little overdue on this but wanted to include pics of our newest cat family members. All three joined us last year, June of 2008.

Names as follows: Incidentally, we give all our cats middle names.

Female Calico: Pebbles
(middle name “Denise”) for our friend Denise who found Pebbles for us.
History: Pebbles aka “Squeakers” had been living in Richfield on 74th and Lyndale Avenue. She was shuffled between the neighbors and had given birth to her own litter of kitties in the Spring of 2008. The woman who had been watching her could no longer care for her and she took her to the Golden Valley Humane Society. Denise happened to be at the humane society that very same day. She overheard Terry say that the cat was very friendly; however, she needed to be an outside cat. Denise said “I know someone who will take her” and that’s how Pebbles joined our family.

However, before Pebbles joined us, we had committed to taking 2 abandoned kittens in Beldenville, WI. The kittens mother was lost and the family thought that the mother may have been hit by a car. Therefore, the kittens (brother & sister) were being bottle fed. We brought them home when they were only 4 weeks old and continued to bottle feed them for a couple more weeks. Then they were ready for regular food. Boy, did they grow fast!!
Male: Orange & White Tabby: Alfie
(middle name “Dickens”) He’s a little Dickens and we thought it suited him for a middle name.
Female: Gray: Enya (named after Irish singer Enya)
(middle name “Selai”)
Selai was a close friend of ours who was our neighbor when we lived in White Bear Lake. She was from the Fiji Islands and had moved to Minnesota from Hawaii. Sadly, we had found out just a few weeks before getting the kittens that Selai had passed away from ovarian cancer. She was living in New York at the time. We thought it was a fitting middle name for Enya since she is so sweet and Selai was a generous giving person.
Yeah, we really get into this name thing because our cats are our children. So…we have fun with it! All three cats are adjusting well to country living and loving it. They want to be with us when we’re outside and follow us everywhere.

Have a great day!


NOTE: All three cats are spayed or neutered and receive regular vet care.

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