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Rescued dog alerts family to intruder

Dog alerts family about intruder in home
Updated: 6/9/2009 9:05:27 AM

The Treichel family of Cambridge didn't need convincing. They'd already fallen in love with Izzy, the Australian Shepherd they adopted in February.

But what Izzy did at 3:00 Sunday morning has earned her family's gratitude for life.

"She just jumped up on our bed and started growling," says Maggie Treichel about the unexpected wake-up that greeted her and husband Tom.

Their bedroom door was closed, but Izzy seemed to sense something on the other side.

"She knew something was wrong," says Maggie.

Within seconds Tom was standing at his daughter's doorway staring that something in the face. "It was a silhouette of a man sitting in a chair next to my daughter's bed."

The stranger had pulled a small chair alongside the bed of now awake and freighted six-year-old Allyson.
"He said how old are you and what your name was and he shook hands with me," she recalled shyly on Monday afternoon.

Tom turned on the light and soon realized the man seemed pretty scared himself. "I just kept asking him 'What are you doing in my daughter's bedroom? What are you doing in my daughter's bedroom?' and he just didn't have anything to say.

Maggie called 9-1-1, while Tom made sure the intruder would be waiting when police arrived. "He made a quick dart for the door but I was standing right by him and I was able to grab him and put him onto the ground and told him he wasn't going anywhere."

Officers arrived at the Treichel home within minutes and found Maggie's camera in the man's pocket along with some checks stolen from a neighbor.

A charge of 1st degree burglary was filed Monday again Joseph Reinhardt, 20, who is listed as homeless in court papers. Police believe he gained entrance to the home through a garage door accidentally left open.

An Isanti County official says Reinhardt is originally from Maple Grove. He is also wanted on a burglary warrant in South Dakota.

"I had no clue why he was there," says Tom Treichel, "and that's what bothers me the most is why are you sitting next to a six-year-old."

The Treichels are counting their blessings.

"Obviously God's watching out for us," says Maggie.

God and the dog they took in from Aussie Rescue of Minnesota.

The rescued Australian Shepherd that early Sunday morning evened the score.

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